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Full Body Red Light Therapy
-Energy, Skin care, Pain Relief

Professional solution for your body Melbourne, Australia

Since 2018 thousands of Top of the game professionals and health enthusiasts have entrenched our light therapy products to their lifestyle throughout the globe. Leredd has very quickly become the most reliable and trusted red light therapy company due to not merely catering to those with the deepest pockets, rather we are here to make the best market leading product affordable to everyone so that no one misses out on the health benefits our devices bring to you.

LED Light Therapy At Home – Australia

Our products are suitable for use by both healthy people and people with various diseases and problems. Regular use of the products solves a number of health problems. You feel much better, full of energy, works well on the skin. Helps with various types of joint pain and imbalance.


Red Light Therapy At Home Australia


$ 279.00 AUD inc. GST

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