Discover Radiant Hair and Mind with Your Custom-Made Red Light Therapy Cap: A Journey to Enhanced Hair Growth and Brain Health

Are you frustrated with hair concerns and looking for a hassle-free, drug-free solution that you can use from the comfort of your home? Your search ends here! MINI GROWTH is here to revolutionize your journey towards healthier hair and an enhanced brain function

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How Does The Smart Cap Help With
Hair loss?

Increased Blood Flow

The gentle touch of light on your scalp, like a soft morning sunbeam, has the power to reawaken your dormant hair follicles. As it does so, it’s like a rush of fresh air, breathing life into your roots with a renewed supply of oxygen and essential nutrients. This revitalizing process sets your hair on a natural path to rejuvenation, promising healthier and fuller-looking locks.”

Cellular Energy Production

Red and near-infrared light therapy can enhance the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that provides energy to cells. This increased cellular energy can help hair follicles function optimally and promote hair growth.

Mitochondria – the powerhouse within

Reduction of Inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the scalp can contribute to hair loss. Light therapy has anti-inflammatory effects, which can help reduce inflammation and create a more favorable environment for hair growth.

Activation of Hair Follicles

Light therapy stimulates the stem cells in hair follicles, encouraging them to transition from a dormant state to an active growth phase. This can lead to the growth of thicker and healthier hair.

DHT Blockage

Some studies suggest that red and near-infrared light therapy may inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone linked to hair loss in individuals with androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness).

Features Of The Miniflex To Up Your Treatment

Say Goodbye to Pain & Inflammation

2 Useability Options, Power to Wall & Powerbank (Optional Accessory) Roam Free Mode

No cords or outlets are needed. Use it wherever you want, hassle-free.

Triple Chip LEDS

1 x Red 660nm, 1 x NIR 850nm & 1x 940nm
A Total Of 450 LEDS

15-Minute Timer Function

Automatically turns off after 15 minutes

Ultra Comfortable Fit

Engineered so it’ll fit as comfortably as you can get

Made With Premium Material

The Smart Cap was made to last.

Constant & Pulsed Light Mode

Constant & the Futuristic Pulsed Light (10Hz)


In the quest for healthier hair and a vibrant scalp, the choice between LED and Laser caps is crucial. At LEREDD, we believe in transparency and empowerment when it comes to making this decision. Let’s explore why LEDs are the superior choice, both financially and therapeutically.

The 5 Reasons Why The Smart Cap Is The Most Suitable Option For You

  • Gentle and Safe: LEDs emit low-level light, which is gentle on your scalp and safe for consistent use, promoting long-term hair health.
  • Wavelength Precision: Our LED caps are meticulously designed to target specific wavelengths known to stimulate hair follicles effectively.
  • Uniform Coverage: LEDs provide even coverage across your scalp, ensuring every follicle receives the therapeutic benefits, promoting consistent results.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy comfortable therapy sessions with lightweight LED caps that are easy to wear, making your journey to healthier hair an enjoyable one.
  • Reduced Heat: LED caps generate minimal heat during therapy sessions, ensuring a comfortable and soothing experience. Unlike lasers, which can sometimes produce heat, LEDs prioritize your comfort, making each session a relaxing and stress-free opportunity to promote hair health.”

Smart Cap Far Excels In Spread Of Light Over Your Scalp

LEREDD LED light therapy provides “OMNI-DIRECTIONAL” Light Spread, compared to Laser which is MONO-DIRECTIONAL, so more Hair follicles will be treated with full exposure from many angles with LED.

Your Hair Has Over 100,000 Hair Follicles

So You Would Want To Have A Treatment Option That Covers A Large Area Of Your Scalp As Your Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset Right?

Innovative Smart Cap Employs Near-Infrared Light for Deeper Hair Cell Penetration

Many conventional laser caps on the market primarily utilise red light for their therapeutic treatments. However, the Smart Cap stands out by offering a more comprehensive and therapeutic treatment session. Unlike most laser caps that only employ red light, the Smart Cap incorporates both red light and near-infrared light into its treatment regimen. This combination of red and near-infrared light not only enhances the overall effectiveness of the therapy but also allows for deeper penetration into the hair cells, resulting in more impactful and rejuvenating treatments. The Smart Cap’s unique approach provides users with a cutting-edge and holistic solution for their hair restoration needs, setting it apart as a leader in the field of hair therapy.

Watch The Whole Video Below To Learn More About The Smart Cap

It not just tracks, but provides you with positive suggestions that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Before & After

Regrow Confidence With Our Smart Cap

Order Today To Embark On A New Journey

  • Complete Solution You Can Do In The Privacy Of Your Own Home
  • Ultra Comfortable Custom Made Fit
  • 450 LEDS Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Rest easy with our Smart Cap Hair Regrowth System, backed by a reassuring 1-year warranty. We’re committed to your satisfaction and the effectiveness of our product. If you have any concerns or issues within the first year of use, we’ve got you covered. Experience hair regrowth with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected


Physical Store Front

“Discover the healing power of light at our Red Light Therapy store in Hampton East, Victoria. Step into a rejuvenating oasis where red and near-infrared wavelengths work their magic, promoting skin health, pain relief, and overall well-being. Experience a brighter, healthier you in a warm and welcoming environment

All Devices Are Tested Meticulously

Our products are meticulously tested for EMF emissions, irradiance levels, and LED quality to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. We prioritize your well-being by delivering cutting-edge technology that’s rigorously scrutinized, guaranteeing top-tier performance and peace of mind for your Red Light Therapy experience.

Red Light Therapy Therapeutic Window Sweet Spot Chart

Therapeutic Wavelengths

All our Red Light Therapy devices are meticulously engineered to emit the most therapeutic wavelengths, delivering optimal results for your health and wellness. We prioritize the effectiveness of our products by ensuring they harness the precise light wavelengths needed to promote healing, rejuvenation, and vitality

Here Is What People Who Have Purchased The MiniFlex Say

What an unexpected surprise I had when I rang this company to enquire about purchasing a Red Light Cap to help my Parkinsons.
Julia and Co workers were super helpful and nothing was a problem to them.
I needed a cap urgently before going on a cruise, this they made happen.
Cap so much more comfortable than what I had before, a bucket.
I can now walk around and do something rather than wait for time to be up.
Thank you

Christine McVeigh

Excellent design, very comfortable, people don’t want to take it off, very relaxing.
Special order for delivery to Europe are handled very fast and efficient.

Paul Adam

Much Prefer the Smart Cap , Over The Bucket Hat I Have Used In The Past. Highly Recommended!

John Smith

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    Highest Rated Light Therapy Supplier in Australia and NZ as Independently Reviewed On Trustpilot - Shop in confidence