We all have different relationships with our hair. The lucky ones go through life with a full head of flowing hair that hardly recedes even into their late age. They have been blessed with good genes. For many others it is a different story and whilst some of us accept the loss of hair as a stage of life, others are well aware that there are methods to reduce, slow; repair and even reverse the loss. And then of course there are medical reasonings and interferences that have led to the loss and some may have alopecia. Whatever the reason most want to keep the hair they grew up with for as long as possible and if that’s you then read on…. 

So you can select to have scalp surgery or hair regrow treatments that require a myriad of painful and invasive procedures or even trust a quack “doctor” that advises you to do some crazy ritual to bring your hair back, whatever, please understand and consider that there is a legitimate and hassle-free solution for you that is non-invasive and kind to your wallet that is backed by science — red light therapy!

Red light therapy is the safest, most efficient alternative wellness solution available on the market. Red light therapy is widely used for aging, cancer, skin rejuvenation, and trauma and wound healing by several medical practitioners and happy patients around the world. This technology was also used to treat sleeplessness in countless patients worldwide. However, can we have the same story for hair regrowth and baldness?

Supported by a solid foundation of validated scientific studies, red light therapies have improved hair count, overall hair quality, and thickness for both sexes. All of these advantages come with no adverse effects whatsoever. This blog post will take on the hidden gems of the new red light therapy for hair development. Now, let us dive into the science of natural red light and its effects on hair loss or baldness.

Hair loss out, red light therapy in: how does this system work?

Red light therapy is an all-natural, harmless hair loss solution that has been shown to be safe and successful in a variety of peer-reviewed scientific trials, with many positive customers endorsing it. To make it short, red light therapy is a quality light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy system that provides healthy, concentrated photons of natural, low-wavelength light to you, without the influence of any additives, UV rays, or unnecessary heat. These wavelengths of red light activate mitochondria in your cells that are close to actual sunlight, minimize stress levels, and increase circulation so that your body can generate more energy to fuel itself. 

To this extent, generating energy more effective across the body increases the physical health, speeds up recovery process, and decreases fatigue and discomfort, as shown in several peer-reviewed reports. It also has a significant awakening effect on your dermal papilla tissues and cells, which is essential to hair cycle regulation and development.

To get a little more detailed on the mechanisms, basically hair growth takes place in several phases: 

  • Anagen—growth phase 
  • Catagen—the hair transitions upwards towards the skin pore 
  • Telogen—the dermal papillae (are of blood supply) fully separate from the hair follicle. (After 5-6 weeks, the dermal papillae move upward to meet the hair follicles again and the hair matrix starts forming more hair—i.e. to go back to the anagen phase.) 

Red and near-infrared light has been shown to help transition hair from the telogen phase back to the anagen phase and prolong the anagen/growth phase. It can also increase the rate of growth in the anagen phase while preventing premature catagen phases. 

These effects may be mediated by increases in certain growth factors, of effects on inflammation, improved mitochondrial functioning in the cells in that area, or on nitric oxide levels and blood circulation to the area, or some combination of all these factors. 

In short, it helps hair stay in the growth phase, grow more, and re- enter the growth phase (instead of dying off). The end result is less hair loss and more hair growth and that equals a much happier you. 

Red light therapy as an all-natural hair loss treatment

In this section, we are going to take a look at each research being done about red light therapy and its use for hair deficiency and loss treatment. Make sure to take note of each because I swear that it will blow your scalp, err, I mean your mind. Sorry ! 

Hair loss is considered as one of the main indicators of aging, affecting more than half of the world’s population. Globally, more than half of men of over 40 years old struggle with hair loss or, in scientific terms, Androgenetic Alopecia. Meanwhile, the same thing happens to almost 2/3 of 65-year old women and over. Luckily, red light treatment provides a healthy and effective approach to avoid and restore hair loss. Additionally, this technology is scientifically-backed up by many peer-reviewed research reports, experiments, and meta-analysis.

A meta-analysis of 2019 analyzed 8 research tests, including eleven (11) randomized, double-blind, variable trials. The experimental study revealed a substantial improvement in overall hair density to those who were treated with red light therapy. There was a substantial hair growth improvement for red light therapy over null and placebo therapies.

Red light therapy is a potential alternative to hair growth medications or supplements without any adverse effects. The 2018 meta-analysis analyzed recent developments in non-surgical hair loss care. Initially, a total of 22 trials were analyzed in a form of comparative study with red light therapy to other standard therapies and hormone-regulating medications such as Dutasteride. Researchers found that the technology was the safest option. Importantly, red light therapy was not identified as a counteractive variable while all of the medications analyzed in this experiment have negative side effects.

Also, did you know that not only can red light therapy regrow your hair, but also it can vastly thicken it than ever? Another study released in 2017 analyzed a total of eleven (11) trials and around 700 patients subjected to red light therapy meant for hair growth. Researchers have noted major changes in hair quality and hair count. Also, the thickness and holding strength of the hair were increased in those handled with natural red light.

This new technology can also replace all medical procedures in fixing dermal papilla tissues, which are responsible for healthy or poor male hair growth. Several researchers in 2019 performed a study, which lasted for six months, of men struggling with inherited hair loss and protein expression changes in their tissues of dermal papilla, the main essence for hair formation. Participants were subjected to red light treatment for 25 minutes three to four times a week for six months. By analyzing the proteins that were noticeably up-regulated, researchers hypothesized that RLT induced hair development and reversed the adverse mechanism by improving the activity of the cells in the dermal papilla.

Further research aimed at identifying the protection and physiological outcomes of red light therapy for men struggling with trait baldness was published in the year 2014. A total of 44 men took part and volunteered to have a part of the men’s scalp shaved to a height of 3 mm. The shaved spot has been marked with a tattoo and took a picture of it. A group was subjected to red light medication for three to four days for sixteen weeks, and the other side got placebo medication. Upon conclusion of the research, researchers observed a substantial improvement in post-treatment analysis of their hair count in the red light therapy group with a 35 percent increase in their hair growth, and having no adverse conditions recorded.

Lastly, this benefit is for females out there who are seeking for the best hair growth solution. A study conducted in 2017 focused on the RLT effects in comparison to 5% minoxidil over-the-counter ointment, which, at that time, is a standard solution for female hair loss. The research involved 45 participants, split into three control groups: females who received the RLT, those who were assigned to use the ointment, and lastly a randomized group. Researchers found that treatment with red light therapy was a potential candidate for females’ hair growth solution. 

Another research in 2017 looked at the effect of red light therapy on women suffering hair loss. Researchers utilized a scale created by Ludwig and Savin solely developed to evaluate women’s hair loss. Women undergoing a 650-660 nanometer red light therapy nm were shown to have had a 51 percent hair count increase. 

Now that we have taken a good look at red light therapy as the best solution for hair loss, why not check out the Leredd PRO and ACTIVE packages of red light therapy to make your hair growth dreams a reality? Yes be “Proactive” now. 

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