The FLEXI LED - designed to mold to your body shape

The FLEXI LED is, just as the name suggests, one of the most flexible and versatile light therapy products. It is designed to mould to your body shape due to the fitted belt that is embedded with recessed LED’s at constant intervals. so you’ll never have to experience  the LED’s pressing into your skin, truly making you feel that it was custom-made especially for you. Can be used direct to power or you can use with a mobile power bank (not supplied),(link to purchase powerbank) simply plug in and roam free. With both constant and pulsed light settings in 660nm deep red  and 850nm near-infra-red, this ticks all the boxes. Acrylic base stands are an optional purchase for those that want to use the product for facial treatments. Here’s the link for them :

$ 299.00 AUD inc. GST

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Sore Legs After The Gym Or An Intense cardio Session?

Works by repairing muscle tissue, reducing inflammation, pain and quickens your recovery time. Say No To extended rest days

Wrinkles or annoying Skin Imperfections?

Stimulates natural, healthy skin regeneration at the cellular level. Minimise fine lines and wrinkles while reducing redness so you can be your glowing self again with increased natural collagen production

Lacking Energy Throughout the Day?

Naturally Powers up the mitochondria known as “the powerhouse of your cells “. Avoid feeling tired and unproductive throughout the day and instead wake up ready to take it on!

Don’t put Up with Long Term Pain

Reduces inflammation by stimulating the cellular response allowing you to heal faster

It’ll brighten Your Life Up

Surgeons, Physios and countless athletes rely on the 5W technology that will make you feel you’re at the clinic even when you’re on the go

You’ll be the centre of attention

Not 1mm of light will miss your intended area of treatment due to the most focused beam angle that has been engineered

Product Specifications

LED Count 120 (Ratio: 3 chips per diode 1 x 660nm/ 2 x 850nm)
Pad Size Dimensions 41cmx 20 cmx 4.9mm ( “16.14 x 7.87 x 0.2”)
Wavelengths 660nm (Red) and 850nm (Near Infrared)
Light Flow Options Constant wave(CW) & Pulse @ 10Hz
Weight 0.58kg (1.27 lbs)
Power 60w
Optical Irradiance > 100mW/cm2
Timer 20 mins
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours

The Flexi Led is the most flexible LED therapy wrap on the market. Flexs both width and length ways making it more comfortable for the user. Super soft on the skin to avoid blisters and irritation from rubbing . No hard plastic covers that cause abrasion to skin and crack over time. Only quality components both internal and external.  

Also users have the ability to roam free via the optional power bank add on feature 

Safety Standards

Emf Emission 0.00 @ 5cm
Flicker Test No Flicker
Certifications Ce, Rohs and FCC
Standard Warranty 1 Year

All Leredd Devices are made from the finest materials & our R & D team work to develop technology, that is recognized and certified by leading organizations worldwide for its safety and effectiveness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Less Is More sometimes and this time that is true. As Leredd Devices have industry crushing power we recommend cutting treatments to no longer them 20 minutes. Your cells can only absorb so much light per day and if you go over the recommended treatment time it won’t mean you will see better results and more benefits. For the best results do Two 10-15 (20 minutes for distinctive areas) treatment sessions per day for the best results

Eye protection is not mandatory especially when using the Flexiled, although we do not suggest staring directly at the LEDs when in use, as it may be painful especially if you are not used to bright lights. 
If your eyes are particularly susceptible to light or if you have photosensitivity and epileptic history, we suggest that you contact your doctor before using your Leredd system.

First up – they operate at different wavelengths in the spectrum. Leredd Red light therapy uses a 660-nanometer standard low-frequency wavelength that is optimized to treat at skin-level. Issues such as acne; eczema; psoriasis; thyroid problems, skin cancers, eye problems and more.    Whereas, near-infrared light uses an 850-nanometer wavelength which penetrate deeper through the skin and into the muscles and bones improving circulation and reducing inflammation.
Both red and near-infrared light wavelengths are guaranteed to be painless, completely safe to use to treat numerous health issues that you may have. To know more about different types of light therapy treatments, you can check our informative blogs here.

Red light therapy is the latest, non-invasive solution for your skin issues. This technology uses a specially-made device that emits specific low-frequency wavelengths of deep red light on your skin, which are totally UV-free, treating and improving the overall look of your skin! To know more about red light therapy, we have a blog section all about this technology that you can access here.

All Leredd devices have a 30 day trial period. You can return your item for any reason (small exceptions apply ) within 30 days for a full refund
Returns must be marked before the 30 day period, which starts from the time of the receipt. Returns shipped after 30 days won’t be accepted
Please read our full Refund Policy here

Pulsing of light in some studies has proved advantageous to cells exposed to light for extended time. There is some evidence that pulsed light does have effects that are different from those of continuous wave light. Pulsed light offers numerous potential benefits. Because there are “quench periods” (pulse OFF times) following the pulse ON times, pulsed light can generate less tissue heating.
In instances where it is desirable to deliver light to deeper tissues increased powers are needed to provide adequate energy at the target tissue. This increased power can cause tissue heating at the surface layers and in this instance pulsed light could be very useful. Whereas CW (constant wave) causes an increase in temperature of the intervening and target tissues or organ, pulsed light has been shown to cause no measurable change in the temperature of the irradiated area for the same delivered energy density. Generally speaking though using our products at suggested time levels, one would not experience issues of tissue overheating from CW.

4 reviews for The FLEXI LED – designed to mold to your body shape

  1. Don Jarmey (verified owner)

    I have been using the Flexi Led and it works.
    It works very well indeed.

  2. Arthur

    I really like this product- I actually tried a different brand and sent it back because it was uncomfortable and didn’t work properly with the powerbank they supplied. This though is very different as it shapes to my body really well and is super comfortable. I ended up purchasing the powerbank as mine didn’t operate it correctly and works a dream. Can’t recommend high enough – wish I came here first anyway hopefully you can learn from my mistake.. cheers Arthur

  3. Victoria (verified owner)

    Following some comparison between specifications between different products on the market I chose the Flexi Led from LEREDD. The flexibility of this device is suited to the conditions I need to treat. I am very happy with the device, easy to use, effective and gives me the flexibility I require for different areas. In addition I was impressed with the support and knowledge of the team at LEREDD. This along with value for money made this device an easy decision. Thank you I’m very happy

  4. Susan F

    Happy with my order. Very fast delivery and high quality product. Customer service is as good as it gets. Have already referred to my family and friends. Cellulite reduction has been significant over six weeks ( used with a power bank while walking/jogging on treadmill) Highly recommend 🙂

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