T2 Freedom Light Therapy Torch

Eliminate virus, treat pain, brighten teeth
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T2 Freedom Light Therapy Torch
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Introducing the T2 Freedom Torch

The T2 Freedom Torch is a game-changing product that has been developed during the Covid-19 pandemic to help people stay healthy and safe. With its innovative Quin-Spec Tech, this torch can stop the virus from spreading within the body, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep moving and stay healthy.

It not just for virus it is also used to whiten teeth, treat herpes around the lips and ulcers internally.

Another treatment use that many woman are discovering is for Vaginal Rejuvenation during Menopause to help collagen repair, increase elastin and tissue growth that also helps relieve the common dryness that woman face during this phase of life.

Simply screw the off the probe and treat larger areas where pain and inflammation is causing distress. So versatile with so many applications.

How Quin-Spec Tech Works

The Quin-Spec Tech used in the T2 Freedom Torch includes 460;630, 660, 850 and 940nm Wavelengths, which allow deeper penetration with Blue; Red; Deep Red, and Near-Infrared lights. These wavelengths help to activate the body’s natural healing processes, reducing aches and pains and improving overall health. Unlike traditional over-the-counter pills or procedures that can have side effects, the T2 Freedom Torch is a safe, natural, and non-invasive way to stay healthy.

 Benefits of the T2 Freedom Torch

The T2 Freedom Torch is wireless, rechargeable, extremely light, and mobile, making it easy to use whenever and wherever you want. Whether you’re stuck at home, in quarantine, or in a hotel somewhere across the globe, the T2 Freedom Torch is an essential tool that can help you stay healthy and active. With its natural healing properties and affordable price, the T2 Freedom Torch is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take control of their health and well-being.

Other torch type Therapy Device to consider

The Lightning Bolt is the younger brother of the T2 Freedom. less expensive and a great entry level light therapy torch made from durable steel for extra strength.


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Health Benefits

Benefits that can come to you with consistent and proper use include:

  • Eliminate viral spread
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Treat and repair Herpes lesions
  • Attack Acne bacterial infections
  • Brighten Teeth
  • Suppress foul Odor bacteria on tongue and gums
  • Reduce Stiffness, pain and inflammation in joints; tendons and muscles
  • Treat ear infections and Tinnitus
Core Features
  • Quin-Spec Technology
  • Red, Deep Red, NIR & Blue Light Modes
  • Select either Constant or Pulse modes
  • Sleek Breathtaking design 
  • Light yet Solid Build
  • Rechargeable, many uses before recharge required
  • Braided Safety carry strap
  • 3 Minute built-in timer


Treatment Guidelines

2 Sessions a day of 5 minutes will see you attain supreme treatment results. Click Link to read how Red & NIR light works.

Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.150 kg
  • Dimensions 3 × 3 × 22 cm
  • LED Count 5
  • Wavelengths 460nm Blue, 630nm (Red), 660nm (Red), 850nm (Near Infrared), 940nm (Near Infrared)
  • Optical Irradiance > 100mW/cm2
  • Beam Angle 30 Degrees
Device description

The T2 Freedom is developed to eliminate all viral bacteria in your body as well as to heal and recover areas that require it . Headlined by ground-breaking Quin-Spec technology  that includes (460nm Blue, 630nm Red, 660nm Deep Red & 850nm Near Infrared).

All Leredd Devices are made for one reason. TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING

What’s Included
  • X1 T2 Freedom that includes the Screw on Probe attachment
    X1 Travel & Storage Case
    X1 Basic Eye Protection Glasses
    X2 Rechargeable Batteries
    X1 Instruction Manual
  • X1 Braided Carry Strap

Product Useability Showcase

Multi Appliction, Multi Use

Simply screw on the supplied attachment which narrows and intensifies the focus beam of the light for use within internal areas such as your mouth; ear or nasal cavities. Unscrew and use for larger outer areas of your body

Your Cells Will Beg For It

Results will come thick and fast for you due to All Leredd Devices emitting the highest intensity of light ever seen in a health device

Revolutionary Quin Spectrum That Goes Even Deeper

5 Different Spectrums to Transform how you treat yourself, honing deep into your muscles and tissues for ultimate treatment.


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3 reviews for T2 Freedom Light Therapy Torch

  1. Kanokwan (verified owner)

    The product very good for me.I use red light treat on my hands and fingers as I use my hands to work a lot it’s have automatic 3 minutes turn off and I can feel just slightly warm on spot that I put it on – very happy with the purchase.

  2. Colin

    Brilliant product – I have low immunity so decided to give this technology a try as I have pretty much tried everything else in the past. I often fall ill with colds and viruses so I just use this with the screw on probe each night and morning and light up my entire mouth and throat for 5 minutes in the evening and haven’t had anywhere near the flare ups I am so used to. It allows me to do so much more as I feel on the whole so much healthier – Can’t fault it.

  3. Kathy (verified owner)

    I love how I can treat any area I like even my nose with the screw attachment, it has helped me recovery from the flu many times

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