Smart Cap - From Hair Growth To Parkinson's

The new Smart Cap has the smarts and so will you when you wear it. It is lightweight, flexible and you have the option to plug into the wall socket or use a power-bank (optional purchase) and get mobile, giving you the freedom to move around and be treated simultaneously . The smart Cap uses  LED’s in specific special wavelengths(630;850;940nm) optimised and in the spectrums required that have been clinically reported to work. Transcranial LED therapy Supports hair regrowth; use as a neuroprotective approach to treat  Dementia; Parkinson’s disease; Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) amongst others.  LATEST SHIPMENT  just arrived but selling out quickly!  Check this link for a real case study about a Margaret a Parkinon’s  sufferer confirming the real amazing benefits to life our products can provide – Margaret’s Parkinson’s Story

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Starting to worry - getting a little thin around your Hairline ?

Quality Red light therapy is a safe, effective natural hair loss treatment that’s reliable for both male and female pattern baldness, as shown in countless studies. Red combined with NIR light at specific wavelengths and irradiance levels have increased hair counts, boosted hair thickness and helped people improve their appearance and confidence levels. If you’ve struggled with hair loss and unsuccessful treatments, here is the answer you have been seeking. 

Besides, this is treatment that you can do in your own time and in your own home. Far more cost and time effective than attending a clinic and potentially handing over $1,000’s for an outcome that is most likely inferior to the smart cap. 

More than 50% of men over the age of 40 are affected by Androgenetic Alopecia, or common hair loss. 75% of women over 65 also suffer from alopecia.

Red and NIR light therapy is backed up by a wealth of peer-reviewed clinical studies, trials, and meta-analyses. A 2019 meta-analysis examined 8 clinical studies, comprising a total of 11 double-blind randomised controlled trials. The quantitative analysis showed a significant increase in hair density for people who were treated with red light therapy. There was a significant increase in hair growth which is exactly why you should be rushing to put our smart cap into your order basket today. 

Concerned about your Brain Health going forward ?

Amyloid deposits (an abnormal accumulation of proteins) in the brain is one of the major hypotheses of the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Exposure to infrared light has been shown to decrease amyloid deposits in human neuroblastoma cells.

In 2017 a study was undertaken in which five patients with mild to moderate dementia were exposed to 12 weeks of daily transcranial infrared light therapy. They showed a significant improvement in Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination and Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale tests at the end of the 12 weeks. Of note, there was also increased functionality, better sleep, less anxiety and wandering in the trial participants. No adverse side effects were noted in the participants.

Executive director Professor Jonathan Stone of the Bosche Institute, says that there is growing evidence that photobiomodulation can potentially help in the cognitive aspects of Alzheimer’s disease.“When red light is directed at the brain, it impacts both the nerve cells and the blood vessels,” said Stone.

Lately having "Brain Fog" Throughout the Day?

This phenomena could be due to many factors and pinpointing exactly what is the cause is often like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Just ask your doctor !

Dr Daniel Johnstone a medical scientist and lecturer at the University of Sydney’s medical research centre the Bosch Institute, has been involved in a number of animal experiments on the use of photobiomodulation for Alzheimer’s disease. 

“If you can get the correct wavelength and intensity of light to vulnerable cells then you can afford them some level of protection against degeneration,” he stated “Red light is a mild stress which can stimulate cells to up-regulate their in-built defence systems to protect themselves against more severe subsequent insults.”

Your cells in your brain maybe struggling to work effectively and if that is the case it is well worth supercharging via our smart cap and see the difference you will feel and potentially fend off any sinister diseases that might be heading your way. 

Wind the Clock Back on an Ageing Brain and Body

How ? By improving your Brain Cell Function and Reducing inflammation and stimulating the cellular response allowing you to heal faster and repair any damaged cells so that your internal systems are firing as intended.   

It’ll Brighten Your Life Up

Remember that feeling as a kid when you would wake up after a good nights rest and feel supercharged and full of energy ready to start the day ahead ? You must ask yourself what changes have occurred within your body that leave those feelings as a long distant memory ? Let’s get your body back to the way it felt way back then. You need to stimulate yourself at the cellular level if you want to embark on a journey of feeling like you did when you were young and youthful. Let’s get started today . 

You’ll be the centre of attention

Every ray of light will target your cells and not only stimulate all the hair follicles but also pass through deep into your brain where it all starts. For years scientists; medics and patients alike have been crying out for an affordable light therapy cap that no longer costs in the thousands of dollars and here it is now- the versatile Smart Cap by Leredd.

ALERT: Doctors/Surgeons/Treating physicians wishing to trial and purchase the Smart Cap for their patients are to contact us directly at

Product Specifications

LED Diode Count Total 450: 150 x 630nm;150 x850nm;150 x 940nm
Cap Dimensions Diameter 20 cm
Wavelengths 630nm (Red); 850nm and 940nm (Near Infrared)
Weight : Cap 180 grams (0.4 lb)
Power Rating 75w
Actual Power 26.1W/19.6W/14.5W
Optical Irradiance > 200mW/cm2
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours
Timer 15 Minutes
Pulse Mode 10 Hz
Dual Buttons ON / OFF ; Dimmable ; Pulse ; Switch wavelength

The SMART CAP uses the smartest technology to give you the most powerful, concentrated & immerse treatment possible. Each led diode contains three chips with 1 x 630nm , 1 x 850nm and 1 x 940nm.  Note that the 2 near infrared led’s are invisible to the naked eye so whilst you won’t see them in action, rest assured your treatment area will indeed. 

Safety Standards

Smart Cap
Emf Emission 0.00 @ 1cm
Flicker Test No Flicker
Certifications Ce, Rohs and FCC
Standard Warranty 2 Year

All Leredd Devices are made from the finest materials & our R & D team work to develop technology, that is recognized and certified by leading organizations worldwide for its safety and effectiveness.

Why Buy From Us?


Frequently Asked Questions

Less Is More sometimes and this time that is true. As Leredd Devices have industry crushing power we recommend  treatments using the Smart Cap to a duration of 15-30 minutes. Your cells can only absorb so much light per day and if you go over the recommended treatment time it won’t mean you will see better results and more benefits. For the best results do 2 x 15 minute treatment sessions per day.

As this producted is designed to use directly on your head Eye protection is not required. 

First up – they operate at different wavelengths in the spectrum. The Smart Cap uses a 630-nanometer standard low-frequency wavelength that is optimized to treat at skin-level. Issues such as itchy scalp; acne; eczema; psoriasis; thyroid problems, skin cancers, hair follicles and more.   Our Smart Cap also uses near-infrared light at both the 850 + 940 nanometer wavelength which penetrate deeper through the skin and into the brain tissues; cells and bones improving circulation and reducing inflammation.
Both red and near-infrared light wavelengths are guaranteed to be painless, completely safe to use to treat numerous health issues that you may have. To know more about different types of light therapy treatments, you can check our informative blogs here.

Red light therapy is the latest, non-invasive solution for your skin issues. This technology uses a specially-made device that emits specific low-frequency wavelengths of deep red light on your skin, which are totally UV-free, treating and improving the overall look of your skin! To know more about red light therapy, we have a blog section all about this technology that you can access here.

All Leredd devices have a 30 day trial period. You can return your item based on the Refund Policy (exceptions apply ) within 30 days. 
Returns must be marked before the 30 day period, which starts from the time of the receipt. Returns shipped after 30 days won’t be accepted. 
Please read our full Refund Policy via the footer section. 


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