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PRO 40

Ultimate RLT device that packs a real cosmetic punch
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1 × Light Therapy Certified Safety Glasses

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As sleek as a panther the Pro 40 is the ultimate light therapy device for pure convenience that packs a real cosmetic punch. Light in the frame it’ll adapt to however you want to use it. A fold-out stand is equipped on the side of the device so you can use it wherever you want without requiring to lean it up against anything unstable. It is the perfect addition to your bedside table, office desk or living room.  To get the best out of the Pro 40 it is best used as a targeted device such as treating the shoulder, lower back, face or any specific areas around your body. Featuring the highest safety standards including zero EMF and a rear cooling fan to ensure the device doesn’t overheat allowing for extra LED light longevity. Due to the absolute highest quality the, LEDS have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours.  Trusted by countless surgeons, dermatologists, and athletes worldwide. In stock now and ready to despatch from our Melbourne Warehouse.

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Health Benefits

Benefits that can come to you with consistent and proper use include:

  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Joint Stiffness
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Stimulated Hair Growth
  • Cellular Skin Repair
  • Increased Collagen production, improved skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction
  • Boosted Muscle Mass
  • Improved sleep via circadian rhythm reset
  • Reduced tingling and burning sensation in hands and feet – treating Neuralgia symptoms
Core Features
  • Fold out stands
  • Red & NIR Light
  • Display Function
  • Breathtaking Design
Treatment Guidelines

2 Sessions a day of 10 minutes will see you attain supreme treatment results. Click Link to read how Red & NIR light works.

Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.970 kg
  • Dimensions 24.5 × 3 × 14 cm
  • LED Count 40
  • Wavelengths 660nm (Red), 850nm (Near Infrared)
  • Power 200w
  • Optical Irradiance > 100mW/cm2
  • Beam Angle 60 Degrees
Device description

The Pro 40 is uniquely designed to be used however you would like. With our special ground-breaking Red and Near Infrared Light that were only truly purely designed for one purpose. TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING.

What’s Included
  • X1 Pro 40
  • X1 Power Cord
  • X1 Instruction Manual
  • X1 Eye Protection Goggles

Product Useability Showcase

Strong Adjustable Fold Out Stand

Simply fold out the stand to whatever angle you like without having the inconvenience of leaning it agai

It’ll Brighten Your Life Up

Surgeons, Physios and countless athletes rely on the 5W technology that will make you feel you’re at the clinic even when you’re on the go

You’ll Be The Centre Of Attention

Not 1mm of light will miss your intended area of treatment due to the most focused beam angle that has been engineered


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3 reviews for PRO 40

  1. Oxana

    I have waited a while to provide feedback and now after approx 3 months can truly testify that this product has helped by skin on my face. I felt like I could see the changes but more so when friends started asking me what creams I was using etc. That was the ultimate proof for me as I hadn’t told anyone that i was using the Red light and when I told them that my skin regime was the same as before just that i had added in the light therapy. I really like this product because it is powerful and actually works and you can switch between red and near infra red or use both on at the same time. I called the company a couple of times and their support was really good too. Very satisfied customer – and great value for money.

  2. Chloe

    For the value and the quality of build, this was the right buy. I’m starting to feel the benefits already. The team at Leredd was great throughout my purchase

  3. Matthew

    Love the fold out stand it makes my treatment much more enjoyable without having to worry about leaning it against something, solid build as well!

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