Powerbank For Leredd Devices

The Powerbank that goes the distance
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Flexi Light Therapy Wrap R&B by Leredd
1 × Flexi Light Therapy Wrap R&B

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Smart Cap for Hair Growth
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Fast Charge Adaptor for Leredd Powerbank and other rechargeable Leredd Products
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The Leredd Powerbank has been specifically produced and electrically rated to work with our FLEXI- LED, R&B FLEXI, SUPERFLEX & SMART CAP products to provide you with the extra freedom to move around at your convenience whilst receiving clinical-grade treatment. Designed & engineered to be lightweight at only 240 grams. Long battery life, can be used many times before requiring to be charged again.

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Treatment Guidelines
  • Charge Fully first time
  • You know it is charged when viewing 4 white or blue dots on front of the Powerbank
  • Charging time will vary depending on how much charge is already in the device but expect a good few hours if depleted. It will also vary depending on where you are charging from whether that be directly from a computer USB port or via an external powerpoint.
  • If you have purchased an optional fast charge adaptor at checkout then you will experience quicker charge times.
  • Usage time once fully charged will also vary depending on the ambient temperature and how many times per day and the duration and frequency of each use and the time in between each use. Nonetheless you will receive many uses prior to a recharge being necessary.
  • Be gentle when inserting the charging cable and never use the cable as a carry strap for the device as it will damage the connections and thereby void the warranty and then you will no longer be able to use the product

Ways to Extend the Power Bank’s Life:

    1. Try to keep the battery power near the half-full state (2 light dots). It’s said the best use habit is to charge the battery after using 50% of the battery, although the frequency of charging times are increased, the damage to the cell is lower.
    2. A power bank does not do well in cold and hot environments, so please pay attention to the temperature try and keep it in an area of moderate temperature.
    3. It is not Waterproof. To be clear,  the power bank does not have waterproof capabilities, so keep well away from water and areas of extra moisture.


Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.240 kg
  • Dimensions 10.8 × 2.8 × 7.4 cm
What’s Included

X1 Leredd Powerbank

X1 DC Connecting Cable suitable for the product you have purchased

X1  Charging cable – USB Type C to USB Type A

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4 reviews for Powerbank For Leredd Devices

  1. Jaine K – Trustpilot Review (verified owner)

    A must have accessory – means I can use the mats anywhere and don’t need to be near a power point.

  2. Faye O : Trustpilot Review Feb 2024 (verified owner)

    I needed to be able to use my Leredd pad whilst walking around the house, whilst doing housework, in the car and during the night. By purchasing the power bank it has made all this possible and portable.

  3. JULES : Trustpilot Review (verified owner)

    Awesome for charging and portability

  4. Monika C (verified owner)

    very handy to have

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    Highest Rated Light Therapy Supplier in Australia and NZ as Independently Reviewed On Trustpilot - Shop in confidence