Designed for treating Covid and Pneumonia and Respiratory symptoms
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Introducing the NIRFLEX 350 – Now in stock and Designed to treat Heart/Lung and Covid-19 patients and assist in a speedier recovery timeframe. This therapy can be used as a complement to conventional treatments, promoting the improvement of cardiopulmonary functions and blood counts, and minimisation of respiratory symptoms.

Please view this video for a full understanding of the how and why’s this works and what it can do for you. The technology is amazing and scientifically proven.

The fitted flexible belt with recessed LED’s at constant intervals allows the device to mold to your body shape, giving you a custom-made feel. The most comfortable light therapy device on the market TARGETED to improve your health and free you of covid. The NIRFLEX 350 offers both constant and pulsed light settings 940nm and 850nm near-infra-red, making it a complete solution for all your light therapy needs. Please note that this product only contains NIR Leds and there are no Red wavelengths. This is a fully dedicated NIR Wrap and as NIR is outside the visual spectrum you will not be able to see the light when it is on. You will know it is on though by viewing the power button which will be illuminated and feeling the therapy at work.

It simply plugs in direct to the power outlet via the included transformer and Powercord.

Don’t wait to improve your health and wellness. NIRFLEX is available to despatch today. Experience the difference and  Invest in your well-being and take control of your health. Order now!

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Health Benefits

Benefits that you will receive with consistent and proper use (based on clinical trials) include a significant improvement for the following cardiopulmonary functions:

  • Partial Oxygen Saturation
  • Tidal Volume
  • Maximum Inspiratory and Expiratory Pressures
  • Respiratory Frequency
  • Heart rate
  • Systolic Blood pressure
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Significant positive differences in leukocytes; neutrophils and lymphocytes
Core Features
  • Flexible & Versatile Full Body Treatment
  • Constant & Pulsed Light Options
  • Near Infra-red ( NIR  ) specific
  • Custom Made Feel & Ultra-Comfortable Fit
  • Timer On/Off, Plus Auto Function
  • Each Led containing 2 colour variations (850 and 940nm NIR Light)
Treatment Guidelines

2 Sessions a day of 15 minutes will see you attain supreme treatment results. 

Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.58 kg
  • Dimensions 90 × 28 × 0.65 cm
  • LED Count 350pc Tri-Chip (NIR 850nm x 350 pcs/ NIR 940nm x 700pcs)
  • Wavelengths 850nm (Near Infrared), 940nm (Near Infrared)
  • Power 175W
  • Optical Irradiance >68 mW/cm2
  • Joules/Dosage Up to 82 Joules cm/2 dosage based on a 20 minute treatment time direct on skin
Device description

The NIRFLEX 350 has been designed with the specific purpose to treat Covid-19 affected patients but it also has a myriad of other potential usage applications.

The therapy can be used as a complement to conventional treatment of COVID-19, promoting the improvement of cardiopulmonary functions, and minimisation of respiratory symptoms.

It contains 350 Leds and each Led has 2 chips of 940nm NIR and 1 chip of 850nm.

To learn more how this therapy works you need to view this video

What’s Included
  • X1 NIRFlex Therapy Wrap
  • X1 Black Woven Elastic Strap
  • X1 Power Cord Set with Plug
  • X1 Instruction Manual

Product Useability Showcase

Supersized Flexible Treatment - shipped worldwide

The NIRFLEX is designed and engineered by Leredd in Melbourne, Australia and will be shipped internationally to all continents with the presale first batch expected to complete production around May 29 2023

Multiple Useability Options - not just Covid 19

Use the NIRFLEX for all conditions that require deep penetration into your deep tissue to reduce inflammation and pain

Get your life back !

Fitted with Near Infrared light technology of 850nm and 940nm Wavelengths
Constant & Pulsed light modes give you more options to add to your treatment than ever before and get you back to where you want to be in life.


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    Great company all round
    Great communication, Brilliant knowledge of the product, excellent customer service and follow up. Great product highly recommend

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    Highest Rated Light Therapy Supplier in Australia and NZ as Independently Reviewed On Trustpilot - Shop in confidence