Red630+660nm /NIR 850+940nm

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Our newest innovation in the Mini range is the MINI QUAD 15 and it  brings an array of new features that are sure to impress.  Now offering 4 differing wavelengths, 2 in the Red and 2 in the Near-Infra-red range. For those of you who like numbers they are 630nm; 660nm; 850nm and 940nm. Not only are there 4 treatment wavelengths but each wavelength can be emitted from each lens. This is important because it allows a consistent spread of each individual wavelength of light to reach your cells.

You now also have the option of using Red in isolation; Red combined with NIR or simply NIR in isolation.  Constant light is the normal mode but we have now also incorporated a 10Hz Pulse mode Option. Pulse mode is preferable for certain treatment conditions.

Size does not really matter because though it is compact, it does the job seamlessly.  It not only treats you at the surface and dermal levels but deeper into the tissues; tendons and muscles to have a far reaching cellular effect. It will last you many treatment sessions on a single charge, wherever you are, get your shine on. Comes complete with Informative Instruction Manual; Sleek Luxury travel and storage case and USB cable for charging.

Complete with a 15 minute inbuilt shut-off timer.

* Optional companion products include; eye protection goggles; mini stand as pictured and fully adjustable clinic stand.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits – The Mini Quad 15 is enriched with our special ground-breaking Red and Near Infrared LED Lights that were purely designed for one purpose. TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING.

Benefits that can come to you with consistent and proper use include: 

  • Reduction of Inflammation
  • Reduced Pain
  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Joint Stiffness
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Increased Collagen 
  • Cellular Skin Repair
  • Accelerated wound repair post surgery
  • Severely reduces chances of infection after surgery
  • Accelerated Muscle repair

 Now this is just an entrée to the benefits our products can bring. I’m sure you’re looking everywhere for the main course. Click this link to view How Red Light & NIR light works and the benefit’s it brings (and no you don’t need a master’s degree in health sciences to understand;)

Core Features
  • Super powerful irradiance for a rechargeable mini device –  220mW/cm2 when direct on skin measured via Spectroradiometer  (not via cheap solar meter which provide inaccurate measure)
  • Constant or Pulsed Lighting at 10Hz Options
  • Minimum of 6 hours of charge
  • Internal Lithium Battery 10,000mAh
  • Pocket- Friendly Lightweight Robust Frame
  • Red & NIR Light therapy
  • 15 minute Auto shut-off Timer
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Braided Carry Strap
Treatment Guidelines

2 Sessions a day of 15 minutes will see you attain supreme treatment results. Click Link to read how Red & NIR light works.

Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.41 kg
  • Dimensions 8.2 × 13.8 × 2.5 cm
  • LED Count 15 New Quad Chip Technology (4 wavelengths in each LED)
  • Wavelengths 630nm + 660nm RED / 850nm + 940nm Near Infra-red (NIR)
  • Power 60w
  • Optical Irradiance >220mW/CM2 direct on skin
  • Timer 15 minutes- Auto shut-off
  • Light Modes Constant Pulse Mode at 10 Hz
  • Lens Beam Angle 120 degrees
Device description
  • USB C cable to charge (Included)
  • Sleek Travel and Storage Case 
  • Protective Eye Goggles +/or Certified Led Safety Glasses (Added Extra)
  • Mini Stand (Added Extra)
Accessory Items
What’s Included
  • X1 Mini Quad 15
  • X1 USB C cable for charging
  • Sleek Travel and Storage Case
  • X1 Informative Instruction Manual

Product Useability Showcase

Absolutely Wireless

Don’t ever let wires restrict you, move around freely and treat yourself on the move. Perfect for travel, extremely lightweight being under 500 grams and ticks the box for in-board hand luggage when flying.

Close coverage and light saturation

Put your cells first and you will be rewarded through better health and wellbeing. The special light wavelength rays emitted will treat your intended area of treatments with full and complete coverage.

Quad-Chip Technology - In each and Every Lens

Physios, dermatologists; Clinicians and countless pro athletes rely on the LEREDD technology that will make you feel you’re at the clinic even when you’re treating yourself in the comfort of your own home.


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