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The well-developed and engineered MINI PRO is the go-to device for wireless targeted treatment. Size does not really matter because though it is compact, it does the job seamlessly. Covering both the Deep Red 660nm wavelength and Near Infra Red Range of 850nm  it not only treats you at the surface level but deep into the tissues and muscles to have a far reaching cellular effect. It will last you many treatment sessions on a single charge. wherever you are, get your shine on.  Treat your poochie too, just like Oliver in our gallery enjoying his session. Comes complete with Informative Instruction Manual; USB power charger and Lush drawstring Carry Bag.

* Optional companion products include; eye protection goggles; luxury sleek travel and storage case; mini stand as pictured and fully adjustable clinic stand.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits – The Mini Pro is enriched with our special ground-breaking Red and Near Infrared Light that were only truly purely designed for one purpose. TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING.

Benefits that can come to you with consistent and proper use include: 

  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Joint Stiffness
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Stimulated Hair Growth
  • Cellular Skin Repair
  • Boosted Muscle Mass

 Now this is just an entrée to the benefits our products can bring. I’m sure you’re looking everywhere for the main course. Click this link to view How Red Light & NIR light works and the benefit’s it brings (and no you don’t need a master’s degree in health sciences to understand;)

Core Features
  • Strongest irradiance on market for a rechargeable mini device – . 330mW/cm2 when direct on skin measured via Spectroradiometer  (not via cheap solar meter which provide inaccurate measure)
  • Minimum of 6 hours of charge
  • Pocket- Friendly Lightweight Robust Frame
  • Red & NIR Light combined therapy
  • Time Display Function
Treatment Guidelines

2 Sessions a day of 10 minutes will see you attain supreme treatment results. Click Link to read how Red & NIR light works.

Tech Specs
  • Weight 0.65 kg
  • Dimensions 15 × 3.5 × 10 cm
  • LED Count 12
  • Wavelengths 660nm (Red) and 850nm (Near Infrared)
  • Power 60w
  • Optical Irradiance >330mW/cm2 based on direct skin application
  • Beam Angle 60 Degrees
Device description
  • USB Charger (Included)
  • Soft plush carry case (Included)
  • Sleek Travel and Storage Case (Added Extra)
  • Protective Eye Goggles (Added Extra)
  • Mini Stand (Added Extra)
Accessory Items
What’s Included
  • X1 Mini Pro
  • X1 USB Charger
  • X1 Soft Drawstring case
  • X1 Informative Instruction Manual
EMF Info

Magnetic fields for occupational exposures should be limited to less than 0.5 mT (5 gauss or 5,000 mG). Reference :…/publications/manuals/emf.pdf

Should I be worried about my exposure to EMF?

The scientific information which exists doesn’t indicate that exposure levels which are commonly encountered have any health effect which requires corrective action.
Red Light therapy falls into the Electromagnetic Spectrum category of Non-Ionizing Low Frequency which is generally perceived as harmless to humans as opposed to Ionizing high level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage such as when having an X-ray.

The Mini Pro has the added advantage of being housed in an Iron frame which further blocks and contains EMF’s which are mainly emitted by the internal driver and fan which are necessary components of any light system.

We have conducted EMF tests between using Aluminium and Iron Housings and the results confirmed a reduction of EMF’s at 0cm (i.e: direct on skin) of 60% based on outcomes of 2.2mG (iron housing) vs 3.5mG (aluminium housing).

When referencing the occupational exposure levels as stated above being less than 5,000mG, our Mini Pro’s EMF output level is considered as being insignificant and therefore of no concern. Our Red Light Therapy products are designed to reduce oxidative stress in your cells not the contrary which would be the case if high EMF’s were emitted.
That is why it is important to select a quality supplier of light therapy products and why medical professionals such as Surgeons; Melanoma clinics; Physiotherapists; Chiropractors; Psychologists as well as many other professionals are amongst our loyal customer base.

Word of Caution:

We have seen suppliers of Light Therapy products write all sorts of things about the EMF outputs of their devices with some stating 0 Levels of EMF output at 0cm/0 inch which we know is not factual. These companies are merely wanting sales at any cost and misleading customers. All electrical devices give off EMF including Cell Phones, TV’s and Microwave Ovens so you should be wary of companies marketing nonsense and not be fooled by them.

Final Note:

The world we live in has a magnetic field too that extends from the earths interior all the way to space. As humans we have evolved to live on this planet and without it, life would cease to exist. Even fluctuating magnetic fields are produced by all the organs in the body that consist of or contain muscle or nerve. It is a part of our daily lives and the key is to avoid and reduce high levels in your daily environment.

Product Useability Showcase

Absolutely Wireless

Don’t ever let wires restrict you, move around freely and treat yourself on the move

You’ll be the centre of attention

Put your cells first and you will be rewarded through better health and wellbeing. The light wavelength rays emitted will hit your intended area of treatment due to having the most consistently focused beam angle that has been specially engineered for consistency of light spread

It’ll brighten Your Life Up

Physios, dermatologists; Clinicians and countless pro athletes rely on the 5W technology that will make you feel you’re at the clinic even when you’re on the go


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13 reviews for MINI PRO

  1. Julia H-P

    i brought the Leredd Mini pro about 6 months ago and love it. I use it for pain relief, wrinkles, rsshes and anything else that shows up. I have had 4 of my friends buy this as it is so good.

  2. Drew A (verified owner)

    The Leredd Mini Pro, WOW what a fantastic product it is perfect for such a wide variety of uses beauty treatments, targeted pain relief and so much more. Leredd’s Mini Pro has such a solid metal build it is just amazing quality highly recommended.

  3. Wendy D (verified owner)

    The Mini Pro is very convenient as it’s rechargeable . It’s light weight and easy to manage. In my experience red light therapy shortens healing time .

  4. Harris P

    I predominantly use with aftercare of wound healing with my patients – accelerates healing times substantially and limits the chance of infection – a win/win for all. Highly recommend this brand and product. Dr P

  5. Ursula

    My second product purchased here – this product is very convenient for me because it’s wireless, I travel often and need it for my daily therapy. Battery charge lasts well too. Surprised how powerful it actually is – I get relief and use less than 10 minutes per day. *****


    The Mini-Pro was recommended to me by my GP for my neuropathy and I am seeing really good results with it after a short amount of time so decided to post this for others. I have tried so many other products before that have not really done anything. I am mid aged and fairly active and trying to stay as young and healthy as possible – this is a godsend.


    After having surgery on my knee my surgeon provided me with this exact product for 3 days to help with accelerating the healing of my wound. However I had to give it back and decided to purchase one direct from this website to avoid paying the rental cost. I can not believe how quick I recovered. It works so well – I now use it on my face each evening and use it for my kids too when they have abrasions from sport etc. A wonderful little device that I wouldn’t be without. By the way the customer service from this co. is really good. I will be back for more 😉

  8. John L

    The first time I used it, I sensed the energy immediately afterwards. It works well on my face — the lines are clearly fading, and I generally feel amazing. I’ve always been a big fan of RLT, and this is a fantastic device-easy to use and the results for me have come quick.

  9. Charlotte

    I am very impressed with this device , I got this device to help with my sleep circadian rhythm and I feel much more relaxed before I go to sleep so I will be adding this to my bedtime routine

  10. Boris G

    I’ve only been using my Leredd Mini Pro for a couple of weeks, but I’ve noticed a reduction in muscle-related migraines owing to a shoulder issue. So far, I’m very satisfied with it and the customer support has been top notch.

  11. Julia

    After two weeks of consistent use, I have noticed the skin on my face is much tighter and clearer with blemishes noticeably disappearing and acne minimising. The size of the device is fantastic and I can take it wherever I go

  12. Lee

    I’m an amateur boxer and my body gets pretty sore after my intense sessions. I’ve incorporated recovery days but I still felt quite stiff so my coach recommended me to try red light therapy and so far I can say it has helped me with my recovery time

  13. Irma Patricia Pinelo

    I love it. Excellent to take anywhere and super potent! 20 minutes/365 days

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    Highest Rated Light Therapy Supplier in Australia and NZ as Independently Reviewed On Trustpilot - Shop in confidence