Migraine Relief Globe Series

Suffer no more from Migraine pain – This magical green globe sends signals to your brain that help alleviate severe migraine pain. Only those that suffer migraine pain know of the intensity of pain that they cause and this globe is effective at reducing pain, scientifically proven . A new study published by the University of Arizona Health Sciences  found that green light therapy resulted in about a 60% reduction in the pain intensity of the headache phase and number of days per month people experienced migraine headaches.”Despite recent advances, the treatment of migraine headaches is still a challenge,” said Dr. Patwardhan, an associate professor and the vice chair of research in the Department of Anesthesiology. “The use of a non pharmacological therapy such as green light can be of tremendous help to a variety of patients that either do not want to be on medications or do not respond to them. The beauty of this approach is the lack of associated side effects. If at all, it appears to improve sleep and other quality of life measures.”  If you haven’t tried as yet you must!

Our Migraine globe has 18 powerful LEDs providing the exact wavelength range required to pinpoint relief.  The right frequency, the right intensity that hits the sweet spot. Light and mobile so you can just pack it and go. This is the answer you have been seeking for so long.

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Calming 525nm green light is optimal.

The brain response to the visual stimulus in a specific green color is much smaller than the response generated in the brain by visions in all other colors. And when the brain is less active, it becomes calmer, which might help terminate the migraine attack and allow migraine patients to continue with their daily functions

Clinical study confirms it works ....

“This is the first clinical study to evaluate green light exposure as a potential preventive therapy for patients with migraine, ” said Mohab Ibrahim, MD, PhD, lead author of the study, an associate professor in the Arizona College of Medicine — Tucson’s Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Neurosurgery and director of the Chronic Pain Management Clinic. “As a physician, this is really exciting. Now I have another tool in my toolbox to treat one of the most difficult neurological conditions — migraine.”

Don’t put Up with Head Throbbing Pain

When you are experiencing a migraine, your brain is “hyperexcitable” compared to when you’re not having a migraine. It has been discovered that green light leads to less activation of certain brain regions involved in migraine and pain processing compared to other colors. This suggests that green light is able to reduce that excitability of the migraine brain.

Use It Your Way

Clamp it to your table, use your own stand or screw it in your own compatible light socket. All you need to do is plug it in and turn on without the need to be directly in front. Freely move around the room if you like. The benefits are from being directly in the room withe the green light. Simple !

Effects can be quick

If green light therapy works for you, you should start to feel better pretty quickly, says Dr. Hamilton. “Someone might notice that upon entering an environment with green light, their migraine pain and light sensitivity is significantly decreased right away,”. In fact, Burstein says his research suggests that people can really notice the effects within 30 to 60 minutes, although he notes that the maximum benefits are usually reached after two hours of exposure.

No known side effects - the natural way

Taking drugs and pain killers puts added stressors on your bodily organs leading to the possibility of other complications. Green Light therapy has no known side effects, rather, due to the calming properties of the green lights, it can actually improve your sleep quality by putting your mind in a more peaceful state before bed. 

Product Specifications

Migraine Globe Series
LED Count 18
Wavelengths 535nm Green
Weight 0.7kg (1.5lbs)
Power 54w
Optical Irradiance > 100mW/cm2
Beam Angle 30 Degrees
Screw Type Fits Any E27/Screw Lamp
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours

The Migraine Globe Series uses the smartest technology to give you the most powerful, concentrated & immerse treatment possible.

Safety Standards

Migraine GLOBE
Emf Emission 0.00 @ 5cm
Flicker Test No Flicker
Certifications Ce, Rohs and FCC
Standard Warranty 2 Year

All Leredd Devices are made from the finest materials & our R & D team work to develop technology, that is recognized and certified by leading organizations worldwide for its safety and effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eye protection is not required, although we do not suggest staring directly at the LEDs when in use as it may be uncomfortable to some especially if you are not used to bright lights. We suggest that if you are sensitive to the lights shut your eyes before and gradually open them during use of your device. The overall success of this treatment is designed to use with your eyes not being shielded at all so that they can soak up the green wavelengths and deliver to your brain for soothing pain relief.  

Leredd Devices have industry crushing power and based on the clinical studies performed you should use the green globe for a minimum of 30 minutes with best results being achieved between the 1 to 2 hour timeframe.                                                                

Sure you can however to maximise results it is important that the right frequency of the spectrum and power dosage are transmitted. At Leredd we have produced this magic green globe that truly hits the sweet spot when it comes to these important factors. Our research and development of this globe coincided and aligned with the recent and current scientific studies to ensure we maximise benefits to our customers worldwide. 

“Green light emitting diodes significantly reduced the number of headache days in people with episodic migraine or chronic migraine. Additionally, green light emitting diodes significantly improved multiple secondary outcome measures including quality of life and intensity and duration of the headache attacks. As no adverse events were reported, green light emitting diodes may provide a treatment option for those patients who prefer non-pharmacological therapies or may be considered in complementing other treatment strategies.”


All Leredd devices have a 30 day trial period. You can return your item for any reason (small exceptions apply ) within 30 days for a full refund
Returns must be marked before the 30 day period, which starts from the time of the receipt. Returns shipped after 30 days won’t be accepted
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