Eye health is essential to living life to the fullest. Being able to see things and marvel their absolute beauty is one of the most unique yet often taken for granted things that most of us possess. But what if these amazing attributes start failing and degenerating year by year? Various diseases attacking our eye health are just uncalled for and downright demotivating to continue living your life to the fullest.

There have been a lot of medical procedures that specialize in treating various eye ailments, most of which are considered to be expensive; dangerous and without any guarantee that they will work. However, there is a huge promising potential for red and near-infrared light therapy and its ability to treat all sorts of vision problems without being invasive whatsoever.

Red light therapy is believed to be healthy for the eyes and can support overall eye health and improve recovery conditions for patients with an eye injury and inflammation. These innovative pieces of technology are backed with a broad base of scientific evidence supporting red light therapy in assisting and possibly treating glaucoma, macular degeneration, and eye injuries.

In this blog post, we are going to break down clinical studies into red light therapy and vision health, with an emphasis on treating all sorts of eye problems.

Looking at the numbers: the impact of vision problems to many

Macular degeneration due to aging affects over a hundred million people globally. It is a common ailment that happens as the eyes age over time and the production of ATP energy in your eye’s cells decreases. Declining eye cells lead to cell degeneration, inflammation, and visual decay along with daily problems associated with it. There’s no cure at the moment.

One of the main mechanisms for this technology is the mitochondria of your cells stimulate natural light to produce greater energy. The determining factor in eye problems, particularly macular degeneration, is controlled by red light therapy which helps your eyes function effectively and produce enough energy even when you age. [1]

Getting started with red light therapy: how does it work? 

Before we dive into the benefits of light therapy in improving your eyesight, I would like you to have a primer of what this means. Light therapy is the best treatment procedure to use light to treat inflammation and other underlying conditions. Light is a special kind – particularly beamed in the form of unique wavelengths to reach any sort of problem you might have. Based on numerous studies, using light therapy has no adverse reactions to the skin or body systems, unlike the mounds of possible side effects of other over-the-counter medications that you may be taking or that you may be inclined to try to cure your condition.

Also, it is important to take note of this: red light therapy is not to be mistaken for near-infrared therapy. These two unique vary from each other by their wavelength. Near-infrared light can be anywhere from 700 to 1400 nm with several positive findings with the 850 nm Wavelength, and penetrates deep into bones, tissues, in a pain-free manner to the user. Meanwhile, red light therapy has low-frequency wavelengths between 625 to 740 nanometres, with the optimal range around the 660nm mark, deep enough to treat the surface and underlying skin layers for improved shape, smoother skin tone, and better overall skin appearance. [1]

Okay, now that we have defined what red light therapy is and the difference between red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy, we shall go now to the compelling benefits of this amazing technology for improving and maintaining your eye sight for the years to come!

See things clearer: the benefits of red light therapy for eye health

Human Eye Brown Red Light Therapy Leredd

It seems impossible that, with just a beam of light, you can attain better vision in no time. However, the reality is out there that red light therapy works perfectly for improving your eyesight! Take a look at the following benefits for you to know:

  • Red light therapy prevents age-related eye problems – A groundbreaking longer-term research released its results in 2018, followed by 33 patients over 5 consecutive years. The mean age of patients was 67 years and the findings were tracked for five continuous years. The patients who obtained care with red light experienced significant changes in their visual acuity or sharpness, as duly measured by readability of distant characters could be generated. Also, the participants experienced significant reductions in oedema and hemorrhage, which translates to meaning  broken blood vessels and generally poor vision. [2]
  • Reduce eye inflammation with red light – Ocular inflammation, normal to any damage or discomfort, lowers ATP supply, and ramps up oxidative stress, ultimately leading to losing vision. Scientific studies suggest that light treatment decreases mild to moderate inflammation in the patient’s eyes. [3] 
  • Red light therapy promotes more ATP production – Any cell generates ATP energy to fuel your body all the time. ATP is essential for the cells to thrive and perform their essential tasks and the risks are relatively high for the eye cells doing all the work for your vision. Several tests have demonstrated that this technology improves the production of ATP in the brain. Decreased inflammation and improved ATP energy output is an important formula for eye protection and vision, avoiding the slow weakening of eye cells and the process that will ultimately lead to loss of vision as you grow older. [4]
  • Naturally heal glaucoma with red light – Glaucoma is another type of eye disorders that cause optic nerve damage and inability to see over time. This ailment affects over sixty million people and raises the risk of getting it when you age. Since there’s no known cure for this disorder, the control of symptoms and possible risk of vision loss are the main focus points of existing therapies, frequently over several years. Fortunately, in recent research, red light therapy has proven to be a non-invasive, safe, natural, and effective remedy for this eye disorder. Red light therapy reduces the disorder’s symptoms and avoids vision loss by guarding the retina and cornea, particularly against ocular pressure and fluid build-up, which is one of the major complications of glaucoma. Clear fluid stockpiles in front of a patient’s eye and can possibly cause adverse effects to his or her optic nerve, leading to the depletion of the health of eye cells and a progressive vision loss. [5] 
  • Using red light for total cornea protection – Corneal cells, which are responsible for maintaining the cornea clear so that light can penetrate, are particularly at risk from this build-up of strain. A study from 2017 showed that therapies with red light absorbed by patients’ eyes decreased potential damage to the cells in the cornea and also improved their growth, enhanced the probability of survival of the cells, and protected against vision loss.

We would add one caveat and precaution for users who suffer from any form of photo sensitivities that we strongly suggest that due to the bright lights of the red frequencies that it may trigger discomfort and symptoms so you should check with your medical professional prior to trying otherwise wear eye-protection goggles that normally come standard with the light therapy devices. 

This ends our blog post on red light therapy and eye health Overall, it is also interesting to recognize all the effects of eye wellness that can be obtained from the use of red light therapy. If you’re now swept up in the excitement of this groundbreaking technology, it’s worth checking out our most powerful and effective Red Light Therapy PRO package! This all-in-one approach is the most successful health and wellbeing therapy out there. We are also selling the ACTIVE series, our alternate choice, which still packs a punch priced at very affordable rates! Let’s get your eye health in good order and utilise all the other benefits that this technology offers. The future is clear and bright with Leredd ! 

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