Red light therapy has proven itself to be effective for health and fitness lovers all over the globe. Technological prowess prevails in the recreational, pro-sports and exercise & wellness sector since it has been persistently proven to improve physical ability, develop muscle, and encourage recovery. Certain methods exist that gear towards improving the quality of life of health and fitness enthusiasts around the world, namely supplements, pills, and even surgeries that are often costly and impractical. Is red light therapy a potential, cost-effective measure in achieving overall fitness?

This relatively recent method of wellness option has been scientifically confirmed through various documented trials and is used anecdotally in workout centers and gyms. Coaches from various athletic teams, wellness facility executives, exercise coaches, and workout fans utilize red light treatment on a regular basis for optimal efficiency and rapid muscle regeneration.

This blog will take on red light therapy as the perfect tool for optimum athletic success and muscle rejuvenation. Your simply losing an advantage if you chose to ignore it. To all fitness enthusiasts, aspirants and athletes out there, let’s get right into it!

A quick recap of the technology: Red light therapy

Before we explore how our joints and bodies can be strengthened through red light treatment, we need to get a clear idea of how this is going to work. The following key points should inform you all about the basics of this technology: 

  • It is the simplest non-surgical, non-invasive, and all-natural treatment to cure several skin conditions. 
  • Light therapy is the best treatment procedure to use light to treat inflammation and other underlying conditions. Light is a special kind – particularly beamed in the form of unique wavelengths to reach any sort of problem you might have. Based on numerous studies, using light therapy has no adverse reactions to the skin or body systems, unlike the mounds of possible side effects of other over-the-counter medications that you may be taking or that you may be inclined to try to cure your condition. [1]

Red light therapy has taken the wellness sector by storm; the exciting part about it is the number of people out there who enjoy the advantages is just staggering! The positive effects of red light therapy on activity, fitness, and basic physical performance areas such as strength, speed, and stamina have been documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and experiments conducted in different countries. To confirm this, several randomized trials were thoroughly examined and concluded in the year 2015. Overwhelmingly positive findings were shown in the report. The first finding was that the plurality of clinical trials showed that “large performance measures” such as maximal doses, distance, and tolerance have greatly increased. First, the time before fatigue “increased significantly relative to placebo” during numerous workouts. Finally, researchers reported that “phototherapy (with lasers and LEDs) boosts your muscle strength and enhances your regeneration before exercise.

This is just the beginning of all the good things that red light therapy can do for you as a fitness enthusiast. If you are now thrilled, let’s not waste time and take a look at the further benefits!

Red light therapy for overall fitness: looking at the core benefits 

Now, we are going to take a good look at the benefits of red light therapy concerning overall fitness performance. How does this technology affect your performance in the gym right after you use this? Let us have a deep look into them below! 

  • Using red light therapy as a muscle toner – Care to improve the body without any effort at all? Red light therapy has been used by a variety of physical coaches around the globe, in particular through the usage of core muscle and general immune stimulation. Studies through 2016 looked into the effect of light therapy on strength performance for men aged 18 to 35 years. [2] 
  • Red light therapy increases power – In 2012, researchers looked into the utilization of this technique. Their analysis found positive effects, such as increased power, an improvement in muscle endurance, enhanced muscle control and more. Post-injury researchers suggested that if power strengthening is essential, the method may have additional benefit. In comparison, researchers who researched strength training and light therapy increased muscle performance compared with strength training only.[3]
  • Red light therapy strengthens the legs – Have you ever been to the gym and tried to move your leg workouts to the next level? Don’t panic, because red light therapy is here to do it for you! Data shows that the rise of participants in the trial has contributed to a change of 55% in leg-pressure measurements, which is significantly higher than the non-therapy population. [4]
  • Do more pull-ups and various arm workouts with red light – How about while you’re performing the traditional old-fashioned dragging your body weight away from the handlebar? Red light therapy can benefit you a lot as well! Another placebo-controlled analysis in 2014 found that red light therapy significantly increased the average efficiency of hand tasks by a massive 52%, as measured by the isokinetic dynamometer. [5]
  • Be more flexible and tolerate exhaustion by red light therapy – Running miles and miles of lengths can finally catch your wind, regardless matter how healthy you believe you are. But, with red light therapy, you will improve your total stamina in no time! For example, using a treadmill with the inclusion of red light therapy is much easier than performing treadmill exercise alone. [6] 
  • Improve overall foot strength and endurance with red light therapy – Did you realize that many soccer players utilize red light therapy to push their fitness plans to the next stage? Yeah, you’ve heard that correctly! Futsal is a soccer game performed within a closed arena, essentially a smaller variant of soccer that we all realize is played on a finer field, with a fast alternating pace similar to ice hockey or basketball. The degree of skill takes exceptional endurance. [7]
  • Red light therapy highly benefits cyclists – If cycling is your cup of tea, you are in good care because red light therapy will help you boost your cadence and distance riding, thanks to enhanced stamina. The new results from the previously reported futsal analysis in Brazil are compatible with two other studies on red light therapy and biking. Researchers also found that the technique substantially increased fatigue period and improved endurance.
  • Jog for longer times with red light therapy – If you want to do things all-natural and just want to do jogs and sprints here and there, red light therapy is always available to boost your fitness! A 2016 review of international rugby players examined a number of physical activity measures and found that light training has led to improved outcomes, in addition to substantial muscle regeneration benefits. [8]

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