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To all health enthusiasts around there seeking a better you
We are LEREDD and this is our story

A Class Above

Our motivation is simple. To offer the world a series of extremely well-priced light therapy products of the absolute highest integrity that consumers can use in the confines of their own home. We were not interested in merely catering to those with the deepest pockets, rather we are here to make the best technology available on the market affordable to everyone so that no one misses out on the health benefits our products bring.  

Adding to that, we configured a range of products from entry-level right through to Salon grade that is scalable and cutting edge with sophistication and sleek design and performance. And we will keep on adding new products and new models to our series with the view to growing our business into the largest supplier in the world – the go-to place for RLT.  

With multiple worldwide warehouses in strategic locations, we offer excellent free shipping options to many countries around the globe including the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, with money-back guarantees and trackable express shipping so that you receive your purchase as quickly as it can be delivered.  

Rest assured that all of our products suit all types of clients – we offer portable wireless options to clinical-grade solutions that are FDA, CE, and RoHS-certified, which testifies our unrivalled quality control and attention to detail. 

This is our story so far. We are from the land down under and we think we know a bit more about sunlight and the rays over here. Back us as we continue to take over this space. We have been having the ride of our lives and are here for you to join us on our incredible journey and take advantage today of the RLT benefits our products offer. 

Our products are a simply a class above. 

Learn more about LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is used in many areas, one of which is dermatology. LED light therapy is a technology that uses LEDs (LEDs) for a beneficial effect on the skin. This method was first used by NASA and has been developed and improved over the years. Research shows that LED light has a very good effect on human skin. In recent years, LED light therapy is increasingly used for prevention of illness and inflammation and medical purposes.

We sell LED devices that you can use at home, office or clinic. We offer some of the worlds most reliable and powerful LED devices.

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